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It turns out, the clothes you choose can actually have a pretty big impact on your performance. Besides helping you get into the right mindset to tackle a gym session, they provide a host of other benefits as well.

Yoga Pants

The unicorn yoga pants from WaistGameTight are nothing short of magical! Bring this sense of magic to your yoga mat, the running track, or simply go about your day in these smooth and shiny pants. The compression features of these leggings contour and accentuates your muscles and curves while allowing you to show off your playful side. These unicorn leggings are perfect for yoga, walking, running, cycling, or just lounging around the house.

Burner Vest

Intensifies perspiration in your core up to 3 times more than regular gym clothing. Provides comfort, versatility & strategic shaping in your tummy, waist, and back. Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support. Front zipper closure combined with the high back support helps create a perfect outline. Great for use while exercising; can be worn over or underneath clothing



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