LUFT Labor Day Sale!

LUFT Labor Day Sale!   You know I love my sleep! Sleep is so important for weight loss, healing and general health. We have partnered with LUFT for a number… The post LUFT Labor Day Sale! appeared first on Maria Mind Body Health.

Carnivore Cake

Carnivore Cake My birthday is coming up so I thought I would make a savory delicious Carnivore Cake for celebrating! When I travel, I usually get a savory dessert and… The post Carnivore Cake appeared first on Maria Mind Body Health.

Low-Carb Blackcurrant & Apple Crumble

This delicious blackcurrant apple crumble is infused with vanilla, cinnamon and topped with almonds and crunchy macadamia nuts. You will never know there are no apples in this gluten-free summer recipe!Read more…