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Trying to lose weight, tone up, lower your BMI, or invest in your overall health? We give you the right tools to hit your goals in record time. All it requires is YOU!


Whether you have a treadmill and a set of free weights or you’ve invested in a complete multi-functional home gym, having exercise equipment on hand in your own home has several benefits. As long as you have the additional space for it and can spare 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Healthy Eating

Losing weight isn’t easy – we know. Keeping a food diary helps you understand your habits and increases your likelihood of hitting your goals. Study after study has confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food you eat and the activity you do.

Workout gear

Improves blood circulation and post-recovery. While you’re revving up your calorie burn, your blood pumps oxygen to your muscles, lactic acid builds up as a by-product. This often causes pain, fatigue and cramping. Thanks to fabric engineers, compression clothing stimulates blood flow and reduces lactic-acid build up.


“I naturally fell into the concept of mindful eating…it takes 15-20 minutes for the food to hit your stomach, so I started eating slower.”

Marissa James

“Personalized Home Fitness gave me a wakeup call to the way I was eating and made things very clear what I needed to change and help me stay motivated on the tough days.”

Jinga Low



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